1. Deranged Fan
    Tom Guycot

  2. Penombra Oscura

  3. Apocalypse Domani
    Various Artists

  4. Relevance & Serendipity
    David Kristian

  5. Outskirts Of Reno EP

  6. Voodoo Island EP
    Francisco & Malkuth

  7. Force The Line
    Bronnt Industries Kapital

  8. Snuff EP
    Ketsueki Sākuru

  9. DeathMetha
    Dressel Amorosi

  10. Black Gloves III EP
    Parasols / Antoni Maiovvi

  11. Four Trax On Black Wax EP
    Bogdan Dražić

  12. Tupolev System
    Franz Falckenhaus

  13. The Parallel
    Mr. Eff

  14. North Of Warren EP

  15. Retribution EP

  16. Hard Pill OST
    Vercetti Technicolor

  17. Island Of Death OST

  18. Roller Killer EP
    Neil Landstrumm

  19. Evocations
    Unit Black Flight

  20. Further From The Truth

  21. Modus Operandi EP

  22. Autophobia EP

  23. Titoli Di Coda
    Garofano Rosso

  24. Keeper Of The Seven Keys
    Ali Renault

  25. Black Gloves II EP
    Bogdan Dražić / Daniel Kyo

  26. My Moon
    Antoni Maiovvi

  27. Street Force
    Repeated Viewing

  28. Blood Meridian EP
    Ketsueki Sākuru

  29. Focus On Light
    H ø R D

  30. Antropophagus (The Giallo Disco Remixes)
    Mater Suspiria Vision

  31. Daeva
    Taylor Hoodlum Stevenson

  32. Music For Murder
    Chris Alexander

  33. Invocation Of The Demon Twin Vol. 1
    Christoph de Babalon / Triames

  34. The Sadist
    Ubre Blanca

  35. Secondo Incantesimo

  36. Wild In Blue

  37. Garofano Rosso EP
    Garofano Rosso

  38. So Few Truths EP
    Broken Arrows

  39. Black September
    Vercetti Technicolor

  40. Sacrificio EP

  41. Revengers Of The Darkness EP
    The Hunt

  42. Baskin OST
    Volkan Akaalp

  43. Tracks From The Trailer EP
    Unit Black Flight

  44. La Porta Ermetica
    Alessandro Parisi

  45. Bay Of Blood EP
    Vercetti Technicolor

  46. Stockholm Synthdrone EP
    Antoni Maiovvi

  47. Black Gloves EP
    Vercetti Technicolor / Antoni Maiovvi


Giallo Disco Records

Antoni Maiovvi and Vercetti Technicolor specialize in a strange niche of electronic music, known as Horror Disco. Specially crafted atmospheric, cinematic dance music taking influence from Italo Disco, Krautrock, New Beat, EBM, House, Techno and most importantly the film scores of the 70s and 80s (think Argento's Tenebrae, Fulci's Zombie and John Carpenter's Escape From New York) ... more

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